A sampling of recorded compositions by Steve Hiltner can be found online at these two links:

Scroll down to these 1986 recordings by the 9-piece Ann Arbor-based Lunar Glee Club of

Caged Bird Swings
Sock Shadow Soup
Lefty Gets the Go

Scroll down to these 1994 recordings by the Lunar Octet.

Toote Suite
All In a Day's Dream
Flugel Tune
Bird of Paradox

Recordings of tunes performed in recent years by Steve's trio, the Sustainable Jazz Ensemble, such as those below, are in the process of being made available online:

For the Prez (Composed November 5, 2008, a momentous day for racial equality, and dedicated to the great tenor saxophonist Lester “Prez” Young)

The Case of the Kidnapped Kalypso (Tells the story of a happy-go-lucky tune that can’t find its way back home, and instead gets partially kidnapped by another key, ending in a netherworld between F and Db.)

Fresh Paint (Composed while breathing latex fumes in a freshly painted room.)

Scrambled Eggs (This melody hatched suddenly at the piano, while the hands and mind were working on something else.)

Forgotten Memories (A ballad in the Billy Strayhorn tradition, the composing of which brought back memories of some long-forgotten childhood haunts. The ending borrows appreciatively from the end of Strayhorn’s Lush Life.)

Greening the Blues (Rooted in the blues, this one grew beyond the standard 12 bar form.)

Lunar Eclipse (Composed while forgetting to check out the lunar eclipse that was going on outside).

Journey in D (Makes it all the way to Brazil and back)

In the Company of Friends (The bass figure sat off by itself for months before the idea came to join it with the melody and harmony. Three’s a party, as Andy Warhol would say.)